Apply for a health scholarship, attend free yoga classes, and by all means please let us know what it is you need or want in your journey…

Free Yoga (and Meditation) Classes 

Healing Chair Yoga* - Mondays (1:30-2:30 pm) at Deha Yoga in south Anchorage
The Suz Fund currently sponsors a gentle ‘healing chair’ yoga classes series - making each class free to people with cancer, their support teams, and cancer survivors. These gentle yoga classes are taught by Yoga Therapists of Alaska, who specialize in therapeutic yoga.

Choose a yoga (or meditation) class you’d like to attend, free of charge! Please feel welcome to attend whatever class suits you at one of several participating Alaskan studios…!!
The Suz Fund has expanded our free yoga/meditation class offerings to allow individuals undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment (or diagnosis) more options for attending a yoga or meditation class once per week, free of cost. The following yoga studios have partnered with us:

If you’d prefer to attend class at a different studio not listed above, please just let us know!

To sign up for access to a Suz Fund punch card at any one of these studios (or at a different studio not listed above), please fill out the brief form on the ‘free yoga’ page to identify your name, email address, and which studio(s) you’d like to attend. We will call the studio(s) and add your name to the Suz Fund card, then send you a confirmation email. (P.S. If attending a class more than once a week would be especially helpful, please let us know!).

*P.S. again, please note: Healing chair yoga, sponsored by the Anchorage Radiation Therapy Center, is also offered at Alaska Regional Hospital, and in the Mat-Su valley. Check their website for updates!

Why do we sponsor yoga classes? We have seen that yoga asana (and meditation) can be a supportive practice for body, mind, and spirit - especially in the midst of a stressful experience.

Health Scholarships

The Suz Fund offers health scholarships to people facing cancer to offset some of the financial burden of treatment and wellness services, some of which may not be covered by insurance. At this time, individual health scholarships will cover up to $500 of your requested wellness support and/or treatment(s), which can include traditional and/or alternative options - that part is your choice. Please fill out the brief health scholarship form and let us know what kind of treatment/support you’d like to receive so that we can cover some of those costs. Thank you!

Please let us know how we can help

We have lots of ideas that we are working on, some already in the works, and hope to offer more services very soon. We recognize that while each situation is different, if one person has a need or request, likely other people may either have the same or benefit from the result of another’s suggestion. Please provide feedback whenever you feel the urge, as we’d love to hear from you.