We are excited to say that our friendship is blossoming with this amazing group!

Anchorage Young Cancer Coalition

- A community for young people facing cancer

Anchorage Young Cancer Coalition (AYCC) is a group for people that have been diagnosed with any type of cancer that are young at heart or that were diagnosed in their 20’s or 30’s that want to meet for a night out of fun and laughter.

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Direct from AYCC’s website: “Studies have shown that social support has a direct correlation with overall quality of life of cancer patients and improved survival outcomes. Young adult survivors ranked “opportunities to meet other young adult cancer patients and/or survivors” as the greatest supportive care need. So check out our events calendar and please come on out and join us!”

To learn more about the AYCC, please visit their website: www.anchorageyoungcancer.com.

We are honored to be collaborating with the Anchorage Young Cancer Coalition!